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After being given a Leonardo DiCaprio cardboard cutout by her sister as a joke Xmas present the spark of an idea was born. A year later Mary Jane had written 'Leo?' She then teamed up with Director Marianna Dean to produce the above short film.

The concept of using a cardboard cutout as a replacement for a romantic lead stuck with Mary Jane and she has now developed the project into a completed feature script 'For The Love of Leo'. 

Logline: Rose, fed up with the pressures set upon her as a 39 year old woman, decides to defy convention and announce her engagement to her beloved cardboard cutout of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Mary Jane is currently in the process of sourcing collaborators to help take the feature script from page to screen. If there are any interested investors, collaborators or DiCaprio fans reading this, please get in touch.

Mary Jane has also written shorts; 'Marian' and 'The Bus Stop to Nowhere'. She is also currently writing her next feature 'Forever, Happily After'.

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